High-Flow Silicone Turbo outlet - 1 serie


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These pipes have a flow through area more than 2x bigger than the stock pipes on the N54 connecting the turbos to the intercooler!

These upgraded pipes work with stock turbos or any upgraded hybrid turbochargers for the N54. They are full 2" upgrading the small stock pipes which are 1.25". The couplers are also made from high temp, high quality, thick reinforced silicone good for up to 130 psi and 500F. The interface to your intercooler couplers is the same as the stock pipes so no need to select what size connection your intercooler has, it has been standardized to work for everyone and every intercooler out there you may have.

Many may wonder what the difference is between these silicone pipes and the other silicone outlet chargepipes on the market. The MMP pipes are HIGH FLOW being full 2" while the other pipes are 1.5". That's 78% more flow through area before the merge (most critical part because longest run and on the exit of the turbos). The other pipes use an inefficient merge while the MMP pipes use an optimized high flow routing with a very efficient merge. Also the MMP pipes use a much more efficient CNC adapter to the stock housing with a smooth tapered transition that eliminates significant turbulent flow pressure loses while the others on the market have a step change at the turbo for the CNC adapter that creates some local turbulent flow and results in pressure losses.

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