BMW N54 Relocation Silicone Inlets


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This is the ultimate high flow inlet kit for you N54 engine. It upgrades your stock inlet pipes which are around 1" ID at the smallest point and also flatten out like pancakes. The kit is made from steel wire reinforced high temp silicone and is full 2.5" ID (biggest on the market for intake pipes). The filters are included. With this kit you will be able to maximize the power from your stock or upgraded stock frame turbos.
These will not fit RHD (right hand drive)
This kit is known to work in N54 LHD cars for 1 series and 3 series only
This kit is 100% complete it comes with everything you need to relocate the coolant tank, vacuum reservoirs, power steering tank, install high flow inlets with new filters, attach new vacuum lines and attach new crank case vent line.

Dyno gains graph shown for completely stock turbos. +45 max whp gain with only +3psi of boost and +56 whp gain at 6k rpm also maintains minimum 500 ft lbs from 3200rpm to 5250rpm! Gains throughout midrange and high rpm, a lot more area under the curve. This is bar none the best dyno horsepower produced with inlets on stock turbos! And it was done on an automatic with more drivetrain loss.

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