BMW N54 - 1,75" Silicone Inlet (Std turbo)


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These silicone pipes route the turbo inlets to the stock filter locations. These inlets work for any BMW with an N54 engine including 335i, 335is, 135i, 1M, Z4, 535i and others. They are ideal for vehicles with the N54 looking to significantly upgrade their inlets in order to maximize horespower of the turbos. These stock location inlets can make the same max horsepower on stock turbos. They make up to 700whp with upgraded hybrid turbos basically limited by the turbos capability, not the inlets.

MMP Silicone Inlets are also easier to install and take less time than the aluminum hotside inlets as these don't require relocation of the coolant tank, power steering tank, or vacuum reservoirs. Another great feature of the silicone inlets is that the rear inlet stays securely on the turbo because held tight on the turbo by the firewall where with any hotside location inlets like my aluminum inlets or similar other inlets on the market have some issues sometimes with slipping off the rear turbo connection

These inlets are full 2" inlets with 5 ply silicone construction, made from 500F rated silicone, and impregnated with steel wire for rigidity and collapse resistance. These inlets will connect to your stock airbox or DCI intake filters.

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